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Wed Dec 25 01:43:06 EST 2013

Happy Holidays! For those around, field trip this weekend (12/28 and/or 12/29) to attend a Chinese Buddhist ceremony (Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance, with English translations) at Dharma Jewel Zen Monastery, including free vegan lunch. If interested and want a ride, just email me.

About the ceremony:

The origin of Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance can be traced back to Wu Da Master in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 CE). According to the written record, even though Wu Dai Master had attained high level of achievement in his practice, his past karma had caught up with him. He later met Venerable Kanakavatsa, who taught him the way of repentance that can ameliorate past accumulative bad karmas. Thus, when we prostrate for repentance, we should raise a sincere, pure mind to reflect upon our body, speech, and mind and eradicate our karmic obstructions by following the past Masters’ actions and teaching.

"Of all bad karma which I have done based on beginningless greed, hatred, and stupidity, committed by body, speech, and mind, I now repent and reform...Offenses arise from the mind; use the mind to repent. When the mind is forgotten, offenses are no more. Mind forgotten and offenses eradicated, both are empty. This is called true repentance and reform"

三昧水懺的起源,是唐朝的悟達國師,遇迦諾迦尊者,教他 以三昧水洗滌人面瘡而消除累世冤業的懺法。大眾在禮拜 懺悔時,藉由祖師大德身行、言教的提示,發起真誠的清淨心,反省自己的身、口、意,消除業障,成就菩提。

中 台 禪 寺 美 國 亞 特 蘭 大 分 院
法 寶 寺


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