Emory Buddhist Club - Nun to teach Thursday 3/20 at 6pm

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Wed Mar 19 12:19:54 PDT 2014

You are invited to Emory Buddhist Club tomorrow night at 6pm in Cannon Chapel 106. Our special guest speaker for the next 4 sessions will be a fully ordained monastic, who will lead an introduction to Ch'an (one of the main Chinese schools of Buddhism).
 Beginning March 20 to April 10, every Thursday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in Cannon Chapel 106, Emory Buddhist Club invites Venerable Jiansou, the Abbess of Dharma Jewel Zen Monastery (Atlanta branch of Chung Tai Chan Monastery), to give a talk about Meditation and the Practice of Chinese Chan Buddhism. It covers the purpose of practicing meditation, which is to avoid suffering and obtain ultimate happiness. Breath counting method, method of penetrating into the mind, and middle way method of meditation will be included in this talk.

The goal of our session (open to all) to be held on Thursday night is to examine the nature of our mind. Is our mind disturbed, confused and aimless? By calming our mind, we purifying our mind to clarity, and therefore we are able to realize the true nature of our mind equal to that of Buddha's.

We sincerely invite all of you to attend the four classes in order to learn how to liberate our mind from suffering. Together, we are on the path to ultimate happiness.

Emory Buddhist Club: www.BuddhistClub.org<http://www.buddhistclub.org/>
Chung Tai Chan Monastery - English materials: http://ctzen.org/sunnyvale/enUS/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=4&id=15&Itemid=59


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