Emory Buddhist Club - Tonight at 6pm in Cannon Chapel 106!

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Wed Sep 3 21:46:04 PDT 2014

Emory Buddhist Club on Thursdays at 6pm in Cannon Chapel room 106  - weekly reminder

Snacks and tea afterwards.

Tonight is Venerable Jiansou's last time teaching at Emory for the semester, so come listen to her talk on Buddhist perspectives of finding truth! Next week we will have a different teacher, our favorite Geshe Dadul!

Some key points we learned last week:
- things are conditional - even good and bad are relative depending on perspective (for example, in America, good is one husband, one wife, whereas in other regions of the world, good is one husband, multiple wives, and in yet other regions of the world, good is one wife, multiple husbands)
- beliefs are ever-changing and biased by our backgrounds (even scientific observations are bounded by our limited language and tools - centuries ago Newtonian mechanics was thought to be entirely true, now there is quantum mechanics, and who knows what the future will hold)
- and that everything is not as it seems (even what we see and imagine as "real" are just electrical impulses in our brain, the actual image or object is not in our brain, and no physical light is inside our skull, so really what we experience as real are just mental processes).

Also, if anyone wants a ride on Sunday 9/7 to Dharma Jewel Zen Monastery's Mid-Autumn Festival Guan Yin Blessing Ceremony and lunch, let me know.



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