Emory Buddhist Club - URGENT> Visit of Ven. Phakchok Rinpoche to Emory Campus

Dunne, John D jdunne at emory.edu
Tue Sep 2 12:43:22 PDT 2014


I am contacting you about the possibility of co-sponsoring a public talk by the Venerable Phakchok Rinpoche during his visit to campus this month. My colleague Prof. Tsepak Rigizin pointed out that I had overlooked the possibility that the Emory Buddhist Club might be quite interested in arranging an event. Since Rinpoche's other events on campus are not open to the public, an event through your organization would be an excellent way to host a talk for a broader audience.

The best date for such an event would be Monday, September 22. Possible timings are 5-7 or 7-9. Rinpoche could teach on a wide range of topics, but perhaps a topic such as "What is Meditation?" would be useful. However, if the club has another topic of current interest, you should certainly suggest it.

More information about Rinpoche is available here: http://www.phakchokrinpoche.org/about-rinpoche. Rinpoche is a young and dynamic Buddhist teacher who might be especially interesting for a college-aged audience.

Please do let me know whether you would like to go ahead with organizing the event. I have access to some funding, so if you need support in that regard, please let me know.

I do wish that I had not overlooked the Buddhist Club in planning for this event, but perhaps it is not too late!


John Dunne

John D. Dunne
Associate Professor
Department of Religion
Emory University


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