Emory Buddhist Club - Weekly Events Reminder - come join us tomorrow!

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Wed Feb 4 07:54:56 PST 2015

* Thursday Feb 5, 6pm in Cannon Chapel room 106:
Our Emory Buddhist Club weekly practice session. All are welcome! This is the second visit this semester by Venerable Jian Sou, abbess of Dharma Jewel Monastery. Last week we discussed the most basic of meditation techniques, breath counting, which anyone can practice. The goal of calming our minds is to set the foundations for realizing the truth. Who am I? In this first session, we saw that our perceptions are not necessarily real - they are bounded by our sensory limitations. Beliefs are ever-changing, and everything is not always as it seems (even what we see and imagine as "real" are just electrical impulses in our brain... the actual image or object is not in our brain, and no physical light is inside our skull, so what we experience are just mental processes). Even our relationships with others are too often viewed only through limited perspectives and egotistical craving, leading to conflicts. The practice of Chan (Zen) is to be able to see clearly through these delusions.

* Friday Feb 6, 5:30pm in Akin Room, Oxford Campus:
Join the Oxford Buddhist Club in welcoming Venerable Dong Hue and other nuns from Atlanta area Vietnamese Buddhist temples for an introductory practice session!

* Saturday Feb 7, 9am-6pm, Vipassana Meditation Practice at Kim Cang Monastery
4771 Browns Mill Road, Lithonia, GA  30038
Guided meditation, practices of sitting and walking meditation, listen to Dharma talk, interview by Bhante KhippaPanno and Dharma discussion. No charge; vegetarian lunch provided. Bilingual in English and Vietnamese.


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