Emory Buddhist Club - American Buddhist teacher tonight!

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Thu Jun 4 07:19:03 PDT 2015

Emory Buddhist Club
 Thursday June 4 at 6pm
Cannon Chapel Room 106

A reminder: Come out for guided meditation and discussion, today 6/4 at 6pm in Cannon Chapel basement, all are welcome! Optional: dinner afterwards.
Our teacher this week, Venerable Sunyananda, will also deliver a speech in English about Meditation and Mental Health, followed by a session of guided meditation, on Sunday June 7th at 2pm at Boulder Park Meditation Center, 4050 Boulder Park Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30331. A Buddha's Birthday Ceremony will follow at 4pm, in Vietnamese with English translation. Vegetarian meal provided. Free event, all are invited.

As Venerable Sunyananda is visiting us from Missouri, here is his brief introduction from Christian minister to fully ordained Buddhist monk:

Venerable Sunyananda is a fully ordained Buddhist monk and authorized Zen Buddhist master-teacher. Having taken refuge and the Bodhisattva Vows as "Urgyen Dorje" (under Dzogchen Master, Lama Surya Das), Ven. Sunyananda received ordination as a Bhramajala Monk in the Jogye tradition with the ordination name of "Wanji" (under Ven. Wonji Dochong), and was fully ordained in the Vietnamese (Lam Te Thien) tradition with the transmission name of "Thích Đức Tâm" (under Most Venerable HT Thich An Duc). In November of 2012 Ven. Sunyananda received Inka/Tâm ấn (independent teaching authorization) from Master Wonji Dochong (Thich Duc Hien). In 2014, Ven. Sunyananda received transmission of the patriarch's hats and robes (truyen y mao) from Most Ven. Thich Nhu Minh.

Having been first exposed to contemplative practice over twenty years ago, Ven. Sunyananda has studied and taught Buddhism and Buddhist Martial Arts throughout the world (to include the Middle East and India), lectured at numerous colleges and universities in addition to appearing in and writing for various media outlets from Religion News Service and Unity FM to Taekwondo Times.

Experiencing a wide range of religious traditions since his childhood (spending ten years in Christian ministry training) Ven. Sunyananda has adopted a very pluralistic approach to engaging the dharma, and thus strives to foster an atmosphere where truly all are welcome to explore and integrate Buddhist teachings. Studying under the guidance of Venerable Dr. Karuna Dharma and Venerable Dr. Chitta Karuna, Dr. Sunyananda earned his monastic ministerial Masters and Doctorate degrees at the Buddhist Studies Institute - Los Angeles, before being named head of the Institute (which was first founded in 1973 by Ven. Dr. Thich Thien An) in 2012.

Ven. Sunyananda has studied traditional life protection (martial) arts for slightly longer than Buddhism (having received his first introduction to the Dharma via that involvement), and has attained the title of Master in several of these arts (to include Hapkido, Tukkong Mu Sool and Taekwondo). Further, Ven Sunyananda has founded his own method of Buddhist Life Protection Arts instruction called Bupmudo, which he actively instructs through programs in Kansas City.
Outside of his day-to-day duties at the Dharmakaya Buddhist Association<http://www.dharmakayaba.com/>, Ven. Sunyananda serves as board President of the Kansas City Coalition for Welcoming Ministries<http://www.kccoalition.org/> and the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council<http://www.kcinterfaith.org/>, sits on the Sangha Council for Temple Buddhist Center<http://www.templebuddhistcenter.org/>, teaches at the Buddhist Martial Arts Institute<http://www.buddhistmartialarts.com/>, serves as National Abbot of the Five Mountain Zen Order<http://www.fmzo.org/> and maintains an interesting blog at Errant Abbot<http://errantabbot.tumblr.com/>.


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