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Yesterday, a second major earthquake (magnitude 7.3) has struck Nepal (the historical birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha) killing a few hundred people, two weeks after more than 8,000 people died in a devastating quake. Many aid organizations are still working hard to help the survivors, including these Buddhist charities that offer aid to people of all backgrounds and faiths without condition.

Send your prayers and wishes to Nepal - write on the international Wishing Wall:


Photo: Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation volunteers and staff coming from 7 different countries have distributed food, shelter, supplies, and compassionate love to tens of thousands of people; and their medical teams have treated 3,000 patients so far.


Photo: A Buddha's Light International Association disaster relief team departs for Nepal two days after the initial earthquake.

If you are able to donate monetary support, here are some trustworthy Buddhist organizations that are accepting funds to help those in Nepal:

Tzu Chi Foundation
"Compassionate Relief" Buddhism in Action
With 10 million volunteers around the world, Tzu Chi is perhaps the largest international Buddhist charity.
More on Tzu Chi:
Can you say "Tzu Chi"? http://youtu.be/Ia8FT0h56JU?list=PL924C1369DB5FA08C
and Intro to Tzu Chi USA: http://youtu.be/-FCcf2YSp98?list=PL924C1369DB5FA08C

Karuna Shechen
Humanitarian Projects in the Himalayan Region
Founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard (a French biologist who became a monk), Karuna Shechen has already transformed its partner local monasteries in Nepal, India, and Tibet/China into homeless shelters and triage/clinic sites, and is working together with multiple local groups. 100% of donations fund projects.

Buddhist Global Relief

While Buddhist Global Relief is not a disaster relief organization, it has held a large benefit Concert to Feed the Hungry in New York City to raise funds that go directly to organizations on the ground in Nepal. Under the direction of American monk Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi from the Buddhist Association of the US based at Chuang Yen Monastery in New York, BGR is bringing American Buddhism into an active dimension of Buddhist compassion expressed through programs of social engagement. An all-volunteer organization so donations have maximal direct impact on local programs.


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