Emory Buddhist Club - Tomorrow: Mindfulness Practice, don't forget!

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Guided Meditation and Buddhist Talk
Emory Buddhist Club on Thursday!


Bhante Wajirabuddhi was born in Sri Lanka, and ordained as a novice monk in 1980 at the Dharmaduthashrama Vidyala, Colombo 09, under the guidance of late Venerable Dr. Parawahera Pangnananda Nayaka Maha Thera. His higher ordination took place at Malwathu Maha Vihara, Kandy, Sri Lanka in 1987. He completed his monastic education at Dharmaduthashrama College, and then received a Thripitakavedi degree at Bhikkhu University Anuradhapura. His MA was completed in Pali at Buddhist University Colombo, Sri Lanka. He practiced at Wat Srakete in Thailand for almost a year, and then in 1994, he came to the USA, practicing and teaching at a Cambodian temple in Los Angeles. Later, Ven. Wajirabuddhi moved to Atlanta and in 2000 established the Georgia Buddhist Vihara, a Theravada Buddhist temple and Vipassana meditation center.

Join Us
Thursday, February 4th
No prior experience necessary.
Everyone is welcome.

6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.

Emory University
Cannon Chapel Basement

Georgia Buddhist Vihara
3153 Miller Road, Lithonia GA 30038
Meditation and Sutta Study: Wednesdays at 7pm
Meditation retreat: Saturday Feb 6, 7:30am - 5pm
All are welcome. Event is in English and is free. Need a ride? Let us know!

Weekly Tidbits


Ringing in the Lunar New Year in Atlanta at Kim Cang Monastery
What does Theravada mean?
The essence of all Buddhist teachings is the same: love, compassion, and altruism towards others; the determination to be free from suffering and cyclic existence; and the wisdom to realize reality. Indeed, all sentient beings are equal in potential to awaken to this truth. However, as sentient beings all have different interests and capabilities, the Buddha taught in many different ways. Theravada means "Teaching of the Elders", as it is the oldest surviving tradition of Buddhism, and today is predominant in Southeast Asia. The other main Buddhist traditions are Mahayana, which means "Great Vehicle" and is predominant in East Asia encompassing schools such as Zen and Pure Land, and Vajrayana, which means "Diamond Vehicle" and largely encompasses the practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Learn more at http://bhavanasociety.org/page/about_theravada_buddhism/
A great resource for reading Theravada texts (called suttas) is Access To Insight, and it is free via website, download, or phone/tablet app!

Advanced Studies:
As our club is open to newcomers each week, and as our teachers rotate frequently, our teachings are very introductory. For those who wish to delve into actual Buddhist texts, Dharma Realm Buddhist University and Berkeley Buddhist Monastery now offer multiple free interactive online courses (recordings also available for those who can't attend live) each week: Shurangama Sutra on Saturdays at 4:30pm, Flower Adornment Avatamsaka Sutra on Saturdays at 10:30pm, Six Patriarch Platform Sutra on Fridays at 3:30pm, etc. (all Eastern time zone listings) You can also attend a one-week retreat, living at the City of Ten Thousand of Buddhas in northern California - upcoming retreats are March 26- Apr 3, and Jul 16 - Jul 24. Contact us for more info!

Field Trip -Chinese New Year Ceremonies:
A reminder of our trips on Sunday Feb 7 to Dharma Jewel Monastery (Chinese with English translation) in the morning and Kim Cang Monastery (Vietnamese) in the evening! Everyone is welcome - just let us know if you need a ride!

法寶寺誠摯邀請您於 2 月 7 日星期日,上午9時30分至12時,一同參加「新春觀音祈福法會」。值此歲末新春,大眾齊聚一堂,掃除舊習,免離災障,迎接充滿希望的新年。

Thursdays at 6pm  |  www.BuddhistClub.org
Cannon Chapel (Main Campus) basement (Free Parking in Peavine lot, 27 Eagle Row)


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