Emory Buddhist Club - Reminder: Weekly Meditation tonight at 6pm, and Zen Workshop on Friday at 5pm!

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Thu Nov 2 00:17:37 EDT 2017

Emory Buddhist Club Invites You

Join us for Guided Meditation

Tonight/Thursday at 6pm and Friday 11/3 at 5pm in Cannon Chapel 106

Reminder of this week's events:
Thursday 11/2 at 6pm: Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk with Geshe Phende, in Cannon Chapel 106
Thursday 11/2 at 8pm: Okja Movie Showing, in Woodruff Library 215 (with Vegan Emory Group)
Friday 11/3 at 5pm: Zen Meditation Workshop with Ven. Jian Mao, in Cannon Chapel 106

Finally, let us know if you want a ride to this weekend's Atlanta Pure Land Association - Thrice Yearning Ceremony,
with Ven. Wu Yueh from Amitabha Buddhist Society of Australia: www.amtbweb.org<http://www.amtbweb.org>

amtbweb.org - Amitabha Pureland Web<http://www.amtbweb.org/>
Site by an Australian group. Site has introduction to Buddhism and Pure Land Buddhism, buddha name recitation, extracts from Pure Land sutras and quotes. Details of ...


About this week's teachers:

Geshe Ngawang Phende
As a young boy he entered Drubthob Rinpoche’s monastery in Nepal where he received his initial monastic training. He joined Drepung Loseling Monastery in south India in 1982 at the age of 12, where he successfully completed his monastic education and passed the Geshe Lharampa examination in 2001. He then attended Guymey Monastery for further Tantric studies and stayed there for a year. Geshe Ngawang was the resident teacher at the Lam Rim Tibetan Buddhist Center in Johannesburg, South Africa for nearly four years. Twice he has been on the Mystical Arts of Tibet tour and at present is one of the resident teachers at nearby Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta, academic affiliated with Emory. You can attend Geshe Phende's teachings most Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings at Drepung Loseling (www.drepung.org<http://www.drepung.org> )- these are open to the public at no cost.
Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc. Center for Tibetan ...<http://www.drepung.org/>
The American seat of the Drepung Loseling Monastery. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Center is affiliated with Emory Univeristy and conducts educational programs and ...


Venerable Jian Mao

Venerable Jian Mao holds a bachelor degree in Physics, a master degree in Economic Development, and a doctorate degree in Religious Studies majoring in Chinese Buddhism.  She was ordained under Venerable Master Wei Chueh in 1996 at Chung Tai Chan Monastery, and has previously served as abbess of Buddha Mind Monastery in Oklahoma City. With many years of religious training in Zen Buddhism and deep understanding of Chinese Buddhism and other various religious fields, she is well suited to bring the ancient yet timeless wisdom of Buddhism to Atlanta's diverse community as abbess of Dharma Jewel Monastery.

Dharma Jewel Monastery is one of around 100 branch temples of Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan, one of the world’s largest Buddhist temples in the Chan (Zen) tradition. Established in 2009, Dharma Jewel Monastery has grown with outreach offerings including monthly meditation retreats, children’s classes, Buddhist study groups, monthly ceremonies, vegetarian cooking classes, and Chinese cultural events. For spring 2018, Dharma Jewel will offer eight different weekly meditation classes, all at no charge. www.dharmajewel.us<http://www.dharmajewel.us>

Dharma Jewel Monastery of Atlanta 2.0<http://www.dharmajewel.us/>
Dharma Jewel Monastery, Zen Buddhism Center in Atlanta, Georgia

中台禪寺  法寶寺   -   現任住持見卯法師發廣大無畏的菩薩行願,荷擔弘法利生之重任,以慈悲平等的精神,期許佛法能深植西方人士的心中,人人都能得到佛法的利益與清涼,領會身心真正的解脫與和平。


法寶寺 - ctworld.org.tw<https://www.ctworld.org.tw/108/dharmajewel/index.htm>
法寶寺介紹 法寶寺位於美國東南岸的喬治亞州(Georgia),座落於樹林之城(City of Trees)―― 亞特蘭大(Atlanta)市郊,緊鄰285 ...


Atlanta Pure Land Association Mietoville Academy

Thrice Yearning Ceremony Schedule

11月3日(週五) – November 3 (Friday)
7:00 ~ 9:00 PM
Dharma Talk: 隨喜功德 Merit of praising others good deeds Tuỳ Hỷ Công Đức

11月4日(週六) – November 4 (Saturday)
09:00 ~ 10:10 AM
念佛第一支香 1st Session Chanting Niệm Phật Đệ Nhất Hương
10:30 ~ 11:30 AM
午供 Meal Offering Nghi Thức Cúng Ngọ
11:30 ~ 12:30 PM 午齋 Lunch Bữa Chay Trưa
12:30 ~ 2:30 PM
第一時繫念 1st Session Thrice Yearning Đệ Nhất Thời Pháp Sự
2:30 ~ 3:00 PM 休息 Break Nghĩ
3:00 ~ 4:30 PM
第二時繫念 2nd Session Thrice Yearning Đệ nhị Thời Pháp Sự
4:30 ~ 5:00 PM 休息 Break Nghĩ
5:00 ~ 7:00 PM
第三時繫念 3rd Session Thrice Yearning Đệ Tam Thời Pháp Sự
7:00 ~ 8:00 PM 藥石 Dinner Bữa Chay Tối

11月5日(週日) – November 5 (Sunday)
8:30 ~ 9:40 AM
念佛第二支香 2nd Session Chanting Niệm Phật Đệ nhị Hương
10:00 ~ 11:00 AM
午供 Meal Offering Nghi Thức Cúng Ngọ
11:00 ~ 12:00 PM 午齋 Lunch Bữa Chay Trưa
12:00 ~ 2:00 PM
第一時繫念 1st Session Thrice Yearning Đệ Nhất Thời Pháp Sự
2:00 ~ 2:30 PM 休息 Break Nghĩ
2:30 ~ 4:00 PM
第二時繫念 2nd Session Thrice Yearning Đệ nhị Thời Pháp Sự
4:00 ~ 4:30 PM 休息 Break Nghĩ
4:30 ~ 6:30 PM
第三時繫念 3rd Session Thrice Yearning Đệ Tam Thời Pháp Sự

2800 Simpson Circle, Norcross, GA 30071
Mietoville Academy Home - amtb-atl.org<http://www.amtb-atl.org/>
Welcome to Mietoville Academy, Atlanta Pure Land Association

See you all tonight and tomorrow!


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