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This Thursday Nov 30 at 6pm, join us for guided meditation and a short talk by Ven. Dong Hue, a Vietnamese-American nun coming from nearby Buddhist temple Kim Cang Monastery. The semester is almost over, so don't miss this chance to join us in Cannon Chapel Sanctuary! All are welcome.

See below for reputable Buddhist charities that you can donate to on this Giving Tuesday, and put compassion into action. What is Dana Paramita? Also keep reading for weekend events, including a special visit to Atlanta this Sunday by H.E. Khen Rinpoche Lobsange Yeshe, abbot of the main Drepung Loseling Monastery, and meditation hour every weekend in December at Dharma Jewel Monastery!

View as a webpage here<http://mailchi.mp/6bca2f652069/giving-tuesday-generosity-as-a-practice>

Donate Here: http://www.tzuchi.us/GivingReliefDay/?i=0

[AtlantaBuddhism.org supports Tzu Chi Charities!]

Tzu Chi USA (http://www.tzuchi.us/) :  "Compassionate Relief" - Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation is perhaps the largest international Buddhist charity, with many missions, including in disaster relief, charity, medicine, education, environmental protection, and humanitarian culture.

Buddhist Global Relief (http://www.buddhistglobalrelief.org/) : American group that cultivates compassion through social engagement, supporting projects in alleviating suffering through hunger relief, environmental sustainability, social justice, and the education of women and girls.

Karuna-Shechen (http://karuna-shechen.org/) : Humanitarian projects in the Himalayan region - provides health care, education, clean water, and social services to under-served peoples. Founder: Matthieu Ricard (http://www.matthieuricard.org/) , a French biochemist now turned Buddhist monk

"In pure giving no ego is involved"

The Buddhist Path: Six Paramitas

The Bodhisattva Way is not just an ideal, but also a path. The vehicle we need for the path is the teaching and practice of the Six Paramitas. Paramita means “Crossover to the other shore”. The six paramitas are what a bodhisattva should practice in order to cross over from the shore of mundane existence to the shore of Buddhahood. The six paramitas are: dana (charity, giving, generosity), sila (moral conduct, precepts), ksanti (tolerance, patience), virya (diligence, effort, persistence), dhyana (meditation), and prajna (wisdom).

Paramita also means the vehicle that helps one to cross over. Charity, for example, is a practice that can carry one over to the other shore. Dana paramita, then, can be translated as “the perfection of charity”.

Dana Paramita

Charity is the first of the six practices for a bodhisattva. It serves to develop compassion, overcome parsimony, greed, and selfishness, and eliminate poverty. It is the gateway by which one enters the bodhisattva path.

There are three forms of charity: material giving, giving of solace or courage, and Dharma giving. Material giving nourishes the body, solace nourishes the spirit, and Dharma enlightens the mind. All three are important, but Dharma giving is the most precious of the three, for it is only through enlightenment that brings sentient beings true and lasting bliss. In all forms of charity, we should give with sincerity, respect, and without wishing for anything in return. By giving with sincerity, we harbor the genuine wish to benefit others; by giving with respect, we are thankful for the opportunity to give; and by giving selflessly, we purify the mind and overcome the ego.

For charity to become a vehicle (paramita) to nirvana, one needs to know the Triple Emptiness: emptiness of the giver, the receiver, and what is given. By first learning to give without asking anything in return, including goods, appreciation, or recognition, one learns to not cling to the charitable act one has performed. In truly pure giving no ego is involved. Eventually, one performs charity constantly but is free from the idea that charity is being performed at all. When one realizes that there is no giver, no receiver, and nothing that is given, and yet never stops giving, one is a true bodhisattva, walking the Middle Way.

“The practice of dana paramita makes all six paramitas complete. Dana means to relinquish. Relinquish the dualism of opposites: ideas such as the dual nature of good and bad, being and non-being, empty and non-empty, pure and impure. Relinquish all such dualism is to truly practice dana paramita.” – Zen Master Hui Hai

Learn More About the Six Paramitas and Generosity:



Upcoming Events: Let us know if you need a ride from Emory!

One Hour Guided Meditations at Dharma Jewel Monastery,

10am - 11am, Weekends in December (12/2, 12/3, 12/9, 12/10, 12/16, 12/17, 12/23, 12/24)

All are welcome! www.dharmajewel.us<http://www.dharmajewel.us/>

Special Visit: His Eminence, Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Yeshe, Abbot of Drepung Loseling Monastery (India)

Sunday Dec 3

11am - 12pm: Applying Mindfulness in Daily Life (Beginners welcome!)

2pm - 4pm: Special Talk: The Three Principal Paths to Enlightenment


Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Kim Cang Monastery

Saturday Dec 9, 9am - 5pm

Anyone can attend, no charge.



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