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We saw this email and thought some of you may be interested or have younger
friends/relatives who qualify. See y'all tonight at 6pm!

Join us for different events daily with AtlantaBuddhism.org!

Announcing the Inaugural Georgia Buddhist Scholarship!
Separate awards -- cash prize for high school seniors; as well as funds for
any student ages 13 - 22 for any formal Buddhist educational activity of
their choosing, such as retreats at Dharma Realm Buddhist University, or
tuition for Georgia Buddhist Summer Camp, or anything they want to attend!
Share the news - apply today, download application from our website and
email it to us!
One Day Meditation Retreat this Sat Oct 14
You are invited to our monthly One-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Kim
Cang Monastery. During this time, there will be guided meditation,
practices of sitting and walking meditation, listening to Dharma talk, and
Dharma discussion
Saturday October 14, 9am - 5pm
Partial attendance permitted.
Free vegetarian lunch provided.

Kim Cang Monastery
4771 Browns Mill Road
Lithonia, GA  30038
Guan Yin Recitation Retreat

Spend one week studying the mind and your inherent capacity for great
compassion at the *City of Ten Thousand Buddhas*, a Buddhist Monastery in
Northern California. Beginner's and English tracks available for all adults
at DRBUX.org, Nov 4 - 12, 2017
Go on a Buddhist Retreat in California! <http://www.drbux.org>
Dharma Talk 10/17

Venerable Guodong, Buddhist monk and Abbot of *Dharma Drum Mountain
Buddhist Association*, will visit Atlanta from the Dharma Drum
<http://www.dharmadrum.org> headquarters in Taiwan. He will give a talk
(bilingual Mandarin / English) on Chan (Zen) meditation practice in daily
life, "To Face Things Out of the Ordinary with a Peaceful Mind."
Tuesday October 17th at 7:30pm - 9pm
Dharma Drum Mountain Atlanta
2440 Pleasantdale Rd, Atlanta GA 30340
Transmission of the Three Refuges and Five Precepts

The Abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery will visit from Taiwan and lead a
Dharma talk & ceremony at Dharma Jewel Monastery. All are welcome! This is
a wonderful opportunity to formally take the Three Refuges and/or Five
Precepts - if you wish to do so, please register in advance. 770-939-5008
or www.dharmajewel.us
Zen Workshop

Friday Nov 3 at 5pm
with Vens. Jian Mao & Jian Tong, Buddhist nuns
Cannon Chapel 106,  Emory University
(Parking at Peavine Lot, 27 Eagle Row)
News from neighbors: GRAND OPENINGS of new meditation centers / Buddhist
temples in Florida and in Alabama: The *Tallahassee Chan Center *will
formally open its facilities this Saturday Oct 14, all are invited to
attend! The* Alabama Buddhist Vihara* will have its opening ceremony on
November 5th in Birmingham AL. www.tallahasseechan.org
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