Emory Buddhist Club - See you this week!

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Tue Aug 9 11:08:21 EDT 2016

Guided Meditation and Dharma Talk
Thursday at Emory Buddhist Club

Our teacher this week is Bhante Wajiribuddhi, abbot of Georgia Buddhist Vihara, a Vipassana Meditation Center and Theravada Buddhist Temple. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Join Us
Thursday, August 11, 6pm

Emory University
Cannon Chapel 106

Medicine Buddha Practice
Tuesdays at 6:30pm,
at Drepung Loseling Monastery

Guided Zen Meditation:
We saw this listing of Zen meditation groups - check it out!

New! Weekly Guided Zen Meditation
Saturdays 5pm - 6:30pm,
Jun Dung Sa Temple, Lilburn GA

Weekly Tidbits

What is Meditation?
Meditation is not simply relaxing the body and mind. Nor is it imagining being a successful person with wonderful possessions, good relationships, appreciation from others, and fame. This is merely daydreaming about objects of attachment. Mediation is not sitting in the full vajra position [cross-legged], with an arrow-straight back and a holy expression on our face. Meditation is a mental activity. Even if the body is in perfect position, if our mind is running wild thinking about objects of attachment or anger, we're not meditating. Meditation is also not just a concentrated state, such as we may have when painting, reading, or doing any activity that interests us. Nor is it simply being aware of what we are doing at any particular moment.
The Tibetan word for meditation is gom. This has the same verbal root as "to habituate" or "to familiarize." Meditation means habituating ourselves to constructive, realistic, and beneficial emotions and attitudes. It builds up good habits of the mind. Meditation is used to transform our thought and views so that they are more compassionate and correspond to reality.
-from Ven. Thubten Chodron

Kindness: It's Your Choice
 You can make the world a better place every time you sit down to eat. Choose Veg!

Emory Buddhist Club | Cannon Chapel 106
Free parking at Peavine Lot, 27 Eagle Row (after 5pm)


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