Emory Buddhist Club - Thursday meditation and more events!

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Emory Buddhist Club
Thursday September 1
6pm, Cannon Chapel 106

Welcome Back Students! And welcome to all the new members of our Emory community!

For those who are new, we meet every Thursday at 6pm. Format varies each week as our volunteer teachers rotate, but in general, about half the time is spent on meditation, and the other half on a discussion or talk, followed by Q&A and tea. Newcomers, including people of any - or no - faith backgrounds are always welcome. We are in the basement of Cannon Chapel, which is on the main campus quad. Free parking after 5pm at Peavine Lot, 27 Eagle Row, Atlanta GA 30306.

This week's teacher on Thursday is Venerable Dong Hue, a Buddhist nun coming to us from Kim Cang Monastery, who will lead us using a Vipassana technique. In addition, let us know if you want a ride to any of the events listed below.

For Emory Students: Emory's Michael C. Carlos Museum event on Thursday Sept 1, 4pm - 6pm: We hope you’ll join us for the special preview of our exiting new special exhibition, Family Album: New Work by Gonkar Gyatso in Collaboration with Photographer Zhadui. To attend, visit carlos.emory.edu/studentpreview and sign up today!

Other Local Events -- need a ride? Let us know!

Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Saturday September 3
7:30am - 5pm at Georgia Buddhist Vihara. No charge, all are welcome.

Beginner's Meditation and Buddhism Course
Tuesdays starting Sep 6
6:30pm - 8:30pm at Dharma Jewel Monastery, Atlanta Zen Meditation Center

Bodyguard Buddhas: Protector Deities in Tibetan Buddhism
Wednesday September 7
with Dr. McClintock of Emory University
7:30pm at the Carlos Museum

Emory's Cognitive Based Compassion Training
Starts in September
Fall Semester course is free for students

法宝寺: 中文初级禅修班
每周六 9/10 - 11/19/2016 10am - 12pm

추석 합동 차례 / Korean Thanksgiving Memorial Service
Sunday Sep 11 at Jun Dung Sa
무더위를 지나 가을로 들어가는 문턱에 불자님 가정에 부처님의 자비와 가피가 충만하길 기원합니다.
병신년 추석, 일체선망부모 조상님들의 합동 차례를 봉행 하오니, 다 같이 부처님의 도량에서 고향의 명절을 느끼며 함께 하는 추석이 되시길 기원합니다.

휘광 큰스님 초청 법회
Zen Master Huikwang Kun Sunim
Sunday Sep 17 at Jun Dung Sa
귀의 삼보하옵고,
대한불교조계종 미동부 해외특별교구장이시며, 아틀란타 전등사와 자매결연을 맺은 뉴욕 불광선원 주지이신 휘광 큰스님을 모시고 가을이 오는 문턱에서 다 같이 부처님의 법을 나누어 가지고 마음의 양식을 쌓는 자리를 마련했습니다.
많은 분들이 동참하시어 복된 인연을 맺으시기를 기원합니다.

Emory Tzu Ching Welcome Meeting
Thursday Sep 1, 6:30pm at White Hall 110

Weekly Regular Events:
6:30pm - 7:15pm: Medicine Buddha Practice,
Drepung Loseling Monastery
6:30pm - 8:30pm: Beginner's Meditation and Fundamentals of Buddhism Course,
Dharma Jewel Monastery
7:30pm - 9pm: Public Buddhist Teaching,
Drepung Loseling Monastery
7pm - 9pm: Vipassana Meditation,
Georgia Buddhist Vihara
7pm - 8:30pm: Insight Meditation,
Sandy Springs Insight Meditation
7pm - 8:30pm: Dhammakaya Meditation,
Georgia Meditation Circle
7:30pm - 9pm: Beginner's Sit, Atlanta Soto Zen Center
6pm - 7:15pm: Guided Meditation,
Emory Buddhist Club, Cannon Chapel Basement
6pm - 7pm: Compassion Meditation,
Drepung Loseling Monastery
11:15pm: Sixth Patriarch Platform Sutra Study Course with Dr. Martin Verhoeven,
Live from Berkeley Buddhist Monastery or Youtube: DharmaRealmLive
9am - 10:15am: Guided Zen Meditation,
Buddhanara Temple
5pm - 6:30pm: Guided Zen Meditation,
Jun Dung Sa Temple
6:30pm - 9pm: Vegetarian Dinner and Mindfulness Meditation,
Vien Ngo Zen Center
10:30pm: Avatamasaka Sutra Study Coure with Venerable Heng Sure,
Live from Berkeley Buddhist Monastery or Youtube: DharmaRealmLive
9am - 11am: Guided Meditation,
Ky Vien Thien Vien (Wonderful Garden Buddhist Meditation Center)
11am - noon: Beginner's Meditation,
Drepung Loseling Monastery
2:30pm - 4:30pm: Children's Meditation Class,
Dharma Jewel Monastery
5:30pm: Emory Meditation Club, Cannon Chapel 106

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