Emory Buddhist Club - Tomorrow: Meditation with American Zen monk; weekend events; Korean spotlight; and more!

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Wed Jan 27 09:52:17 EST 2016

Guided Meditation and Buddhist Talk
Emory Buddhist Club on Thursday!


Venerable Sunyananda is an American Zen Buddhist monk who has adopted a very pluralistic approach to engaging the dharma, and thus strives to foster an atmosphere where all are truly welcome to explore and integrate Buddhist teachings. He spent ten years in Christian ministry training and has experience with a wide range of religious traditions. He was first ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Korean Jogye tradition, and later fully ordained in the Vietnamese Lam Te Thien tradition with the transmission name of Thích Đức Tâm. He also studies and teaches traditional life protection (martial) arts. He is currently abbot of United Buddhist Church in Kansas City and Five Mountain Zen Order, as well as President of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council.

Also, please join him and other monastics, including Master Thích Như Minh, Abbot of Vietnam Buddhist Temple Los Angeles and President of Vietnamese United Buddhist Churches, for a Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony at Boulder Park Meditation Center (Thiền Viện Thích Thiên Ân) on Sunday Jan 31 at 4pm. Free vegetarian dinner afterwards. 4050 Boulder Park Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30331

Join Us
Thursday, January 28st
No prior experience necessary.
Everyone is welcome.

6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.

Emory University
Cannon Chapel Basement

Vipassana Meditation Retreat,
Saturday January 30 at Kim Cang Monastery: Everyone is welcome! 9am - 6pm, but if you cannot stay the entire time, partial attendance is allowed. Event is offered free of charge including vegetarian lunch, and will be in English.

Emory Cognitively Based Compassion Training: Series of weekly classes begins next week on campus! FREE for undergraduate students (Mondays at 5pm) and for Healthcare faculty/staff (Wednesdays at 5:15pm); tuition applies for general public (Wednesdays at 7pm). Please register now at http://tibet.emory.edu/cognitively-based-compassion-training/course-offerings/index.html

Tzu Chi Atlanta Annual Year-End Blessing Ceremony, Saturday Jan 30 4:45pm - 8pm, free vegetarian dinner, everyone is welcome!
慈濟亞特蘭大歲末感恩祝福 1/30!

Weekly Spotlight




Buddhism in Korea:

Buddhism spread from China to Korea, and became the official state religion in Korea during the Three Kingdoms Period (57 BC - 668 CE) and Unified Silla Period (668 - 935), thriving in a "golden age" during the Goryeo Dynasty (918 - 1392). However, Buddhist practice in Korea suffered several setbacks and became politically repressed from 1392 - 1910. Today, the Jogye Order of Korean Seon has become the largest Buddhist group in Korea and is attempting to reinvigorate practice with authentic teachings dating back to Shakyamuni Buddha. Buddhism remains the most popular religion in South Korea today (although Christianity is expected to soon overtake it), and the strong history and cultural heritage of Korea remains deeply rooted in Buddhist practices.

Korean Buddhist Temples:
Dong Wha Sa Temple 동화사
3282 Cruse Rd. Lawrenceville GA 30044
770-279-2888  678-694-8248
Jun Dung Sa Temple
900 Beaver Ruin Rd. Lilburn GA 30047
770-923-5375 www.KoreanBuddhism.net
Buddhanara Temple
2197 Gravel Springs Rd, Buford GA 30519
Augusta Temple
1011-A Horseshoe Rd, Augusta GA 30906
706-790-4379   404-642-7123
Need a ride? Let us know!
Other Events:

Emory Buddhist Club: www.BuddhistClub.org
Thursdays at 6pm, Cannon Chapel basement (Free Parking in Peavine lot, 26 Eagle Row)


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