Emory Buddhist Club - Field Trips: Chinese New Year Ceremony on Sunday 2/7

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Sun Jan 31 14:43:38 EST 2016

Happy Lunar New Year on Feb 8! Over thirty Atlanta-area Buddhist temples will have celebrations, one of the biggest events of the year other than Buddha's Birthday (Vesak, which is on lunar 4/8, this year May 21). We will offer two separate field trips on next Sunday February 7 to local Buddhist temples if anyone wishes to pray for a peaceful and auspicious new year and join the festivities. One is a Chinese Buddhist ceremony at Dharma Jewel Monastery, which will have English translation, followed by a free vegetarian lunch. In the evening, is a Vietnamese celebration at Kim Cang Monastery, with lots of food available for purchase. Never been before? Don't worry, everyone is welcome to either or both. Want to go or need a ride? Let us know!

Chinese New Year Guan Yin Blessing Ceremony
at Dharma Jewel Monastery
法 寶 寺: 中 台 禪 寺 美 國 亞 特 蘭 大 分 院
Everyone is welcome! February 7:
8:45 am:   Carpool - depart Emory campus
9:15 am:   Welcome
9:30 am:   Light Offering
9:50 am:   Chanting The Universal Gateway of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Guan Yin)
10:50: Dharma Talk (Bilingual - English & Mandarin)
11:30: Grand Meal Offering before the Buddhas; Blessing & Memorial Services
12 pm: Vegetarian lunch (free!)



法寶寺誠摯邀請您於 2 月 7 日星期日,上午 9 時 30 分至 12 時,一同參加「新春觀音祈福法會」。值此歲末新春,大眾齊聚一堂,掃除舊習,免離災障,迎接充滿希望的新年。  在法會中將恭誦《觀世音菩薩普門品》, 稱念觀世音菩薩聖號。觀世音菩薩千處祈求千處應,藉由佛法僧三寶慈光加被,以及與會大眾虔心共修之清淨功德,祈願新的一年吉祥平安,開啟自性本具的慈悲與光明,功德回向國泰民安、世界和平、一切有情共證菩提。  法會中有中英文佛法開示、供僧大典,並可設立消災、超薦牌位,使自己和親眷消災延壽、增長福慧,亦能超度先亡,令其離苦得樂、超生善道。  法會提供中、英文經本,並備有素齋結緣。


Vietnamese New Year Celebration
Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!
Kim Cang Monastery
Everyone is welcome! February 7:
7:00 PM:   Candle light offering and prayers
7:30 PM:   Year-end Repentance Service
8:30 PM:   Musical Entertainment and Food
11:30 PM: New Year Eve’s celebration:
                    - Chanting
                    - Lion dance!
                    - Lucky money distribution by the Abbot of Kim Cang Monastery



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