Emory Buddhist Club - Join us tomorrow for meditation at 6pm!

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Wed Mar 2 10:04:07 EST 2016

Guided Meditation and Buddhist Talk
Emory Buddhist Club on Thursday!

Our teacher this week is Venerable Dong Hue, a Buddhist nun who comes to us from nearby Kim Cang Monastery.


Join Us
Thursday, March 3rd
New? Don't worry, everyone is welcome!

6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.

Emory University
Cannon Chapel Basement

Weekly Spotlight

Vipassana is a practice of training the mind in continuous moment-to-moment mindfulness throughout the whole day - continuous mindfulness in sitting meditation, walking meditation, and all general activities. The practice of Vipassana meditation leads to a clear, objective understanding of reality. With this understanding, meditators are able to leave ignorance and craving, the source of grasping and suffering. Once the practice is mature, meditators will experience Nibbāna and attain enlightenment, the emancipation from all sufferings or total freedom.

The mind has a tendency to be dominated by various unwholesome mental states such states as greed, anger, fear, ignorance, pride, wrong views, doubts, laziness, restlessness and worry, to name just a few. These may be seen as the causes for suffering, both in us and in all beings. But through careful observation these unwholesome mental states will subside, allowing wholesome mental states to arise in their place. Mental states such as effort, mindfulness, concentration, intuitive wisdom, joy, tranquility or peace, happiness, loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, contentment, and patience reduce suffering and increase a person's mental and physical well being. This is known as the purification of the mind, which is a benefit of Vipassana meditation. Through an unbroken and continuous observation of distinct physical and mental objects arising in one's meditation, a meditator will come to understand the three universal characteristics of all phenomena: that they are impermanent, unsatisfactory, and void of an abiding self.

Special Event at Emory:
Phakchok Rinpoche, throne-holder of the Tibetan Taklung Kagyu lineage, will give a public talk, "Fearlessness in Meditation and on the path", in main Cannon Chapel on Wednesday March 9, at 7pm.


New  restaurant now open!
Check out Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen in Midtown for amazing and creative dishes that will satisfy meat-eaters and vegetarians alike! Less than a few months since opening, it has already won many accolades and wowed the world of foodies and vegan blogs.

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Free Parking in Peavine lot, 27 Eagle Row


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