Emory Buddhist Club - Join us Thursday for meditation, and summer programs!

Hsu, Emory emory.hsu at emory.edu
Wed Mar 8 21:38:12 EST 2017

Meditation and Mindfulness Practice
Thursday at Emory Buddhist Club

We will still meet this week even though undergraduates are on spring break. The topic for contemplation on Thursday is "Who is Buddha?" Everyone is welcome to join us for meditation, discussion, and tea!

Join Us
Thursday, March 9 at 6pm

Cannon Chapel 106

New Resource:
Learn about meditation and Buddhism online
Free and easy to use!

Buddhist Club Leadership
We want you to help run the club!
Contact us if you are interested.

Summer Programs: Opportunities available for experiencing life in a modern Buddhist monastery this summer at various programs - in English! Scholarships available to cover all costs for. Spend a week or month this summer 2017 at Dharma Realm Buddhist University (City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in California) - www.drbux.org<http://www.drbux.org> , Woodenfish HBMLP (mainland China) - www.woodenfish.org<http://www.woodenfish.org>, and Fo Guang Shan Monastery (Taiwan) - https://www.fgs.org.tw/events/fgmonasticretreat/
2016 FGBMR - Fo Guang Buddhist Monastic Retreat<https://www.fgs.org.tw/events/fgmonasticretreat/>
The Fo Guang Buddhist Monastic Retreat (FGBMR) is a free summer program designed for university students and recent graduates aged 18-35 years old who would like to ...


Woodenfish Foundation<http://www.woodenfish.org/>
Since 2002, Woodenfish Foundation has provided innovative experiential education programs and scholastic engagement with the Chinese Buddhist world.


DRBU Extension - Home<http://www.drbux.org/>
Meditate in a Buddhist community. Find inner stillness. Have fun. Bring the Dharma to life.

More Events

 Dr. Tsewang Namgail is an ecologist and conservationist from Ladakh, India, and will be sharing some of his experiences and insights on the intersection of Tibetan Buddhism and environmental conservation in Ladakh. Come out Thursday 3/16 at 4pm in Chem 360!

[cid:d0adef17-32b8-4c2d-be35-8ebebb01962e] Mark your calendar! Emory-Tibet Week 2017 will be March 20 - 25. Visit www.bit.do/TibetWeek2017<http://www.bit.do/TibetWeek2017> for schedule.
*Note: Tibet Week is not run by or affiliated with Emory Buddhist Club

Emory Buddhist Club | Cannon Chapel 106


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